Thursday, October 12, 2023

A Mother and Father's Love for Their Child

Mothers and fathers devoted to one another and their love for their children are some of the most amazing stories I have heard. Parents surmounting impossible odds to cure illnesses that medicine could not diagnose or cure are more frequent than we know. Recently, I heard another story and felt the readers would enjoy it, too.

There is a deli I frequent when I see my chiropractor in a nearby country town. Out in the boondocks, I found this beautiful restaurant quite by accident, cruising down the road on my Spyder Cam Am motorcycle. The food is healthy, homemade, and delicious. I have gotten to know the good folks that make and serve the food there. The lady and her husband who waited on me told me this amazing story. The deli is huge and beautifully decorated with murals of colorful animals that are perfectly painted on the wall with furniture table of actual tree trunks. It is relaxing and calm. I am often one of a handful of people there on weekdays. As always, my pleasure is to get to know new friends. 

Her story is miraculous. She told me that she was very careful with her life and waited to marry until she was thirty-eight years old. She had known her husband-to-be for many years and knew him to be true. She watched couples and learned what she wanted in a husband and family man. She and he wanted a child, and after marrying the man of her dreams, she had a son the following year. The son is the light of her and her husband's life together.  The son was loved beyond measure. 

When the son was around five years old, he collapsed on the floor without notice. He could not walk. They rushed him to the emergency room, the doctors took him in and began tests on him. It was decided the child needed an emergency blood transfusion, and with trust in the medical community of expert doctors, they reluctantly agreed. A blood transfusion on such a young child was frightening to think about, but they had to save their son. The doctors wanted to keep the child in the hospital because they did not know what caused this condition and required more tests. His parents agreed and never left his side night or day.

Over the course of the child's stay, he was given another blood transfusion, but still no diagnosis. The boy regained consciousness and strength; he could walk and eat but was weak. He wanted to go home and begged his parents daily to take him out of the hospital. He did not like the 'blue food' he was served. (Jello)  

The doctors refused to consider releasing him. The parents prayed and asked God for guidance. The decision came when it was clear after two weeks, the doctors did not know what was the cause, and the end of a hospital stay was unknown. The child was extremely unhappy. With no exit date in sight and more tests with no definitive results, the hospital food was clearly unhealthy, the parents turned to their faith to make the decision. The answer was in God when medicine failed to diagnose. The family believed the human body can heal itself if given naturopathic remedies.

They began the process of making arrangements to check their son out of the hospital. The hospital fought the parents and told them their son would die without hospital intervention measures.

The two devoted parents insisted and, at one point, thought they would need a lawyer with so much resistance from the hospital staff. But prevailed after much legal paperwork was signed from the hospital. It was unbelievable that a medical institution was trying to override the parents, but it is understandable in a world dominated by secular analysis. I have heard many stories of natural remedies and faith that cured a terminal illness, that I no longer doubt it can be done.

The mother would not accept that her child would die; the thought was completely rejected whenever it was suggested to her. She completely steeled her mind from considering her son would die.

She told me her reason was, "God knows that I waited so long to marry and have a child. God would not take this child from me." She and her husband took their beloved son home. He was happy at home. The doctors had done their best; it was time for faith to do the rest.

Mother, father, and son prayed every morning and evening and spoke positive words of life.

The child grew stronger over the next weeks, and he recovered. They do not know what caused the collapse and the need for a blood transfusion, but they remember the near-death experience that almost took their child from them. Today, the son is a teenager, and they all have an appreciation of life celebrated daily by this family.

I met their son. He has a gift for writing poetry and playing multiple musical instruments. Fourteen years old, he and his mother met us one day when the restaurant was closed. We had herbal tea with the three of them. Mother, father, and son. He played his guitar, and she sang. His father gave me a book, and the mother served tea and cookies. I brought my dear husband (A musician himself) that day, and he taught the son a few things about the guitar. We have new friends.

Faith. The absence of fear. Love the opposite of fear. Good people of faith live the good life of unconditional love worldwide daily. Good always wins; faith is the key.

You are the light of the world. We are the light of the world; faith wins. Fear not; we got this.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Is it Mental Illness or Unhealthy Brain?

Dr. Daniel Amen aims to end mental illness by creating a brain revolution in brain health. If you read his books, and I have, if you become a patient to get a brain scan, and I did, and take his supplements along with a militant healthy diet, I have, you do feel a difference.  He and Dr. Kelly Brogan, a psychiatrist too, are on a mission to get people off pharmaceuticals and into a healthy diet. Both have stories of not only healing themselves but others as well.

Water, no alcohol, organic supplements, no fast -foods, and avoiding caffeine plus processed meats, sugar, flour, and milk, leaves one wondering what can you eat?  Both of these docs prove that when you are fed up with modern medicine not curing your ailments and you are ready to go the distance to heal your body and feel better with a clear mind, you'll do the work.

It is the same for a change in attitude. But that is another story I am writing about in my first book. When we feed our bodies a clean diet and exercise, our body produces a natural mood stabilizer, serotonin. Whatever we do to naturally create a healthier body and mind is always worth the effort and does not need a doctor's prescription. Both docs are authors of books if you want to learn more.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Uncontrollable Freedom Lovers Have Been Here 247 Years and Will Carry On

We speak with people daily, and the verdict is, "The peace-loving, compassionate, accepting people of diversity are unanimous; "We are free, and nothing can stop us from living free!"

Our parents and grandparents loved freedom, the ancestry of all of us voted to free all people, and we will not return to the darkness of propaganda, fear tactics, and slavery, mind or body.

How did we achieve the majority of educated freedom lovers?

The older generation of your parents pushed through hard times to get their children educated as our grandparents before us pushed to provide food, shelter, and educational opportunities; they did not have to give their future children a chance at living their life of peaceful, free choice.

We stand today because of the freedom-loving foundation built by our ancestors. Once these younger minds are educated, they must play catch up to learn what their parents know, and they will do more. They will research more to find answers and be kind, compassionate, and free.

The people love all humanity and the planet's resources, and we will speak to keep reverence for both.

When educated with all the facts, everyone can choose the right thing to do without force, coercion, and threats. There is no need for maniacal science, profit greed, monarchies, or politician mob rule of restricted access to information. With the internet, it will be impossible to stop the research. GREAT!

Thank goodness the internet was invented so we can join our brothers and sisters in worldwide freedom solutions. Something new is needed, and we will build it like the founders that created the U.S. Constitution for the people by the people before us.

We want world peace, no more wars. Peace will prevail worldwide.

The U.S. Constitution is a miracle constructed to give individuals the 'reins' of political power for every legal citizen. We welcome newcomers to this country that love freedom and the rules of individual free speech and worship outlined in our U.S. Constitution. We must have laws, order, and hearts. Thankful we have laws that protect everyone from being harmed.

You do you, I'll do me, and we embrace our diversity with differences of opinions with no violence. 

That is the American way, the Freedom Lover Way.

Friday, June 2, 2023

Self-regulating Emotions is the KEY

If the older generations understanding this life have anything to offer the younger, it is this: "Hold on, in a little while, things will return to peace." The majority of peaceful people exist in the average population worldwide.

Experiences in life teach those who survive hard times that self-regulating emotions are essential to return to peace. Forgiveness in our hearts of our part in it and others make this world go round.

The millennials are creating a new template of society that is more peaceful than the ones before. The shoulders of our ancestors' mistakes and victories teach the newbies a better way to peace, and it is a viable path. 

The older generation has endured many wars we did not start, and we learned we are not powerless when we self-regulate emotions and take peaceful actions to speak of free will to restore it to the peaceful people governed.

Fear is the crippling emotion that causes crises unnecessarily. Many elders have learned to be fearless in the face of adversity and make decisions from a place of education and free will. None who coerces with force are benevolent in motivation, but each of us has a choice in the face of such tyrants when we calm down and wait. Speak, stand, and persist in a peaceful resolution, and freedom will rise. When we stand for peace, this stance releases the switch of abundance to rid the situation of malevolence, but we must endure by self-regulating emotions while we patiently wait.

Benevolent nature people driven by peace on earth have no need to rule over another. Older, wise, benevolent people will not give their power away because they know this well. 

I continue to be amazed by the younger generation, full of kindness and compassion for everyone. I am thankful our children and their children have evolved past the violence of the past. It is a beautiful day because our triumph over mistakes has taught the newer generation to think of new ways of improving unity on Earth. 

The new way of thinking is here, and it is real. 

All is well, and all will be well. Thankful for the younger generation every day.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

Persistence Pays

The latest adventure at our house is a mother robin building a nest outside our air conditioning unit in our bedroom. The window is narrow, and the big part of the A/C is outside, east of our chimney. A nice shelf inside the crook of the chimney, it is perfect for giving babies a safe nest away from wind and rain. 

I did some 'Robin research' and found this interesting. Red robins live an average of two years. A mother Robin lays one egg per day. Each mother lays three to four eggs, no more. And a robin will raise three broods per season. After making a nest and laying eggs, the mother sits on the eggs for 12 to 14 days. When they hatch, she stays with the babies during the day but sleeps in a tree at night because it is too warm for the babies in the nest. The babies have enough heat to keep themselves warm even on cooler nights. Who knew? The parent robins sleep nearby in the trees to watch over the nest. The ornithology community prefers humans to refer to a bird's nest as a cradle or a nursery, not a bedroom for a bird family.

Once hatched, the mother and father robin will feed a nest of three babies 120 to 150 times a DAY! That is way too many trips to the grocery store for me. I'm afraid I would have to drown two of ours. I don't like shopping for food once a week, so 120 times a day is a deal breaker for this human mother.

Researchers say if the father bird dies before the hatchlings are grown, the female may abandon the nest because she cannot feed three birds alone. Her instincts know this, and birds don't have that choice—instincts and intellect separate humans from animals. Humans can choose a different path which in turn creates a different outcome. We are not victims of circumstance. In nature, birds sense if there is a deformed egg or retarded offspring, and the mother or father pushes it out of the nest. Therefore, giving it nutrients to grow is unnecessary when it cannot survive in the wild.

Last year a robin started building a nest in the same place. We needed A/C and wanted to shoo it away, but how could we keep it from returning? Sr. was thrilled to see a bird's nest in action, looking for the babies to hatch and fly while watching closely from our window. But I noticed the mother was scratching and scratching at the bottom of the nest. I looked closer when she exited and saw her frustration was the bottom was over the vent, and no matter how many trips to the woods she made, she could not get that bottom to fill in, but she was not smart enough to see the abyss of her efforts. So, I gave her a base by slipping cardboard over the vent. You know we mothers have to help each other out when we can.

I carefully got the perfect piece of cardboard and carefully lifted the window to scoot it in underneath her nest quickly, and pop, bang, crash; the A/C went out the window down two stories landing in the driveway. Thank goodness it missed the cars. So down would come baby cradle and all except, no babies yet.

My Sweetheart was heartbroken over the event but knew it was an accident, so he forgave me.  

Four days ago, I heard chirping and scratching and went to the window. Guess who's coming to dinner? Again? Yep, Robin Redbreast is back. I asked our son if he would make those spike things and glue these on the A/C and remove the nests. So, he went to Tractor Supply and came home to install the spikes.

Meanwhile, before he left, he put a ladder up to the A/C to inspect. After he left, I noticed the Robin continuing to build, so I went up the ladder, took the nest away, and placed an egg carton to prevent her from further construction until Jr returned. So it worked; she flew away.

My son returned, installed the spikes, and I said, "Great."

The following day at 5 am, I heard a loud chirping outside the window. I open the shade to see that a robin has built an entire nest that is almost finished behind the spikes. Once again, she is frustrated at the vent opening that allows the dirt from the bottom of her nest to fall through. She cannot secure the base; is this the same Robin? I can't say.

Sr. says, "Ok, I got this." He cuts a small cardboard circle and asks me to help hold the A/C and window. "No, you hold it," it is too heavy for me. I will raise the windowsill and quickly place the cardboard circle at her nest's bottom. Voila! Fini! We managed to get the window down again. The A/C did not fall out! Yeah! Ok, now what will Robin do?

The mother must have been watching as she did not return to the nest for an hour. I say, HOORAY. Either way, she is leaving. I'll take that nest away, and we can have A/C. Oh no. Two hours later, she's back with mud. Mud is the final stage of nest building, well that and more soft materials for the cradle. She must have liked the cardboard base.

Well, we get to watch the babies grow up and fly. The spikes did not work because they were not put over the vent. Instead, birds we see are excellent at maneuvering around spikes to land.

"Oh well, I can put another A/C in the other window." I said, "No need. If I can grow up in a UN air-conditioned house in the hot South for eighteen years, we can manage in the cool summer of NY with a fan and open window. But, for sure, we will have to clean out the vent of this A/C before we use it again, as she has dumped two seasons of dirt in that vent for a nest.

Persistence pays, as this mother, Robin, has proven. May we humans be as tenacious and driven to complete our tasks, no matter the obstacles. Stay calm and carry on, all is well, and all will be well—one peaceful day at a time.

Thankful for the beautiful world we enjoy every day.


Friday, March 17, 2023

The Luck of the Leprechaun in History

 Have you read the Declaration of Independence for the United States?

Have you read the U.S. Constitution that outlines our government?

Have you read the Bill of Rights that limits government tyranny and ensures the individual rights of citizens?

Have you read the Nuremberg Code for ethical medical research practices?

Ethical means empathy for humanity and the planet.

Have your read the Declaration of the Helsinki Report?

Do you understand the Hippocratic Oath doctors must swear to become certified?

Better get busy to catch up with today’s news.

I don’t write history I just read it.

Do you know how lucky you are to have a brain that can determine ethical behaviors from unethical behaviors?

Do you know how lucky you are to be able to read?

Do you know how lucky you are to have access to information and books?

No worries, ethical people are the majority, and history proves that ethical people always win.

Do you know how lucky you are to stand on the shoulders of GIANT freedom-loving people?

Do you know how lucky you are to be alive?

We have the luck of the Leprechauns; history reveals this in every new generation.

Grateful to be alive with you in such exciting times in our history.



Friday, February 24, 2023

Hudson On the Hudson

 In 2017 someone in a shoreline restaurant saw a white bird frozen in the river waving wings. Workers in the restaurant looked closer, and it was a swan. Swans are not known to be on the river. Together they formed a rescue mission successfully. Eventually, there were two; then, there was one again. Local neighborhood people that visit the river for the view begin feeding the swan from time to time; however, the swan is perfectly able to survive by itself. Now, in winter snow, the bird stays near the restaurant and has shelter plus food. Recently I began to visit the river park more, and when I saw this huge swan, I could not believe my eyes. A female and male mallard duck pair seemed to be near the swan.

Two days ago, before it snowed, I rode my Spyder Cam Am down to the river again. There was the swan, and I parked to see the swan and its friends. The swan was on the boat ramp sitting calmly and did not move when I rode nearby. Within a minute, a Subaru drove in and parked, and a lady hopped out and went straight away to within a yard of the birds. She sat on a cement deck in the middle of the ramp and began to talk to the swan. I silently watched as the swan seemed to talk back to her. The two clearly knew each other, and I could feel their loving energy. They were old friends. I watched wonderfully as the swan’s black web feet appeared, and I thought it would walk up to her. She had no food.

Several minutes passed, and I decided to wait and speak with her about these three odd feathered friends, two floating and one sitting. She often visits the river to see this white feathered friend. She is a widow of twenty-two years and comes to the river like many to chill the mind. Her life is pretty quiet. She has been visiting the swan for five years and noticed the mallard couple showing up a couple of years back. She says they are together constantly now. She has a love connection with the swan. She says she talks to him, and he talks to her. He has given her much comfort over the years.

Then another car drove up, and a lady quickly jumped out with a bag. She went down to the river and dumped birdseed on the ramp near the swan which had returned to the water. The swan swam to the mound of food and began eating. The seeds were gone within minutes. This lady came to say hello, and she, too, knows the story of the swan. She also visits it whenever she sees it out her window. 000She shared that everyone in the community loves the swan. She shared that swan’s mate for life, and there used to be another one, but no one knows why the smaller one disappeared. She wondered if the male swan would continue to live here once the mate disappeared. Evidently, the male also disappeared for a few months but is back.

The people named him “Hudson.” I believe the people should name every bridge or monument.

We three new acquaintances began a conversation that led to another friendly exchange. People are smiling and nice everywhere we go, living everyday life. Wisdom of years teaches one to slow down and take in nature. Take a moment to breathe, turn off phones and computers, and be grateful to just be alive. Nature has a way of calming the mind and bringing people together, if only for a few minutes to share the calm water, the calm birds, the calm conversation of three ladies content with life such as it is, enjoying three birds floating on a river.

February, a month for love, reminds us that human nature is to care for every living thing; to think otherwise is rare. Love for the present moment. It is a beautiful gift to be alive, breathe fresh air, feel the sun on your face, and just be. Maybe Hudson was sent to unite people on the Hudson River.